Parinitha and Sandeep – Burst of emotions, hues and colours

First event after a gear switch is tense, till that first media is recorded and reaffirmed by preview conforming the decision, the anxiety creeps in. Luckily for me, this event was outdoor and the summer sun came to my rescue. Jaymahal palace is a must visit place for us historic art and monuments’ lovers and […]

Ratika and Rohit – When Love is Arranged

Mischievous, soft hearted and adorable is Ratika for you. High energy yet composed, warm and a friend you will call in the middle of night even for soda is Rohit. And then as luck would have it, these two got arranged to fall in love. This was a Mumbai wedding but outside Mumbai, Dombivli – […]

Safiya and Zeeshan – Cheerful outside, Warm inside

In many ways this was a BIG GRAND wedding for us. To accommodate guests from all over, Safiya and Zeeshan’s families and friends had meticulously planned the events by the minute. We were given an elaborative list detailing the flow of events. This made it easy for us to plan and execute a wedding that […]

Priyanka and Nihaal – an intimate Gurudwara wedding

Our day started with visiting Nihaal at the hotel next door. It was where we had scheduled groom portraits, that was our first interaction with the humble man. Nihaal comes across straight faced but is actually very warm at heart. We had a fantastic first hour and returned to Gurudwara for the main event. There […]

Meghana and Anush – a Portrait Wedding, an Orchestra of Candid moments

Palace grounds wedding. My best friend’s wedding. Are the only two sentences I heard from Sneha, our partners at Pixel Reflections. I must admit, I felt a little dizzy, butterflies in the stomach intensified and performance anxiety peaked but all this only until we met Meghana. When she arrived, there was something she carried with […]

Aakruthi and Sriram – The charming couple

Step by step we got to know each other. Not just the bride and groom, their families kept us glued as well. One peculiar similarity between Aakruthi and Sriram was their infectious smile. We don’t term this infectious merely by what we saw through the viewfinder, but more from the aura they created all around […]

Rohinee and Kashif – Love above all

When I first heard of this opportunity to cover an interfaith wedding, I went ecstatic. It meant more than a million weddings to me. I was jumping higher than normal only to be brought back to reality that we weren’t covering one fully yet. Nevertheless, this will be one helluva experience, I thought and I […]

Deeksha and Kiran – an Engagement (wedding size)

Deeksha did the expectation setting. She kept it easy and simple – Click what looks best, ignore the rest. The next two – three hours were rock n roll. We filled our hungry memory cards with more than sufficient portraits and candid moments. Soon Kiran arrived to only make it better. He wore a smile […]

Vishak and Sindhu – a hamlet wedding

I must thank Shakespeare for introducing me to this word and I can’t think of a better transliteration in real sense than Mattur, a quaint little hamlet off Shimoga, Karnataka. Supposedly the only village which speaks and transacts in Sanskrit entirely. By the side of the river Tunga, we experienced spiritual reverberance soon after arriving […]

Manu and Ashwija – Simple exuberance

When I first got a call to cover just the reception, I wasn’t sure what to expect. What about creative shots? I thought. Their families had shared the precise timing of the bride and groom’s arrival which left us with ample time to plan our shots. Entering Elan convention centre, opened the doors clearing all […]