Divya and Suhas – Composure weds Simplicity

First interaction with Divya will tell you she is cool and composed, that person who knows what she wants and how much to talk. Sophisticated but not to be mistaken for complicated. Suhas on the other hand likes to keep everything simple and straight forward, which inevitably shows-up. This was my first Mumbai wedding (read […]

Ruchita and Praveen – Love that landed us at Chhattisgarh

It is not often when you get to cover a wedding of mixed cultures. But when you get such an opportunity, seldom should you miss one. Ruchita’s mischief isn’t hidden, she will make sure everyone around her fall prey to it but Praveen is so different. Love is blind and this couple enunciated it to […]

Pratiksha and Harsha – Doctor weds Doctor

Calm and composed is a given when it comes to Doctors, but Pratiksha and Harsha reminded us that Doctors were mighty emotional humans too. Pratiksha was bubbly from the start, and Harsha loosed up after a while. A family affair that looked larger than life, two full days charged-up with excitement. They were open for […]

Sneha and Sameer – A wedding where the groom took over

How often do you see an enthusiastic groom? Sooner or later, may be.. How often do you see an over enthusiastic groom? Rarely, but may not be never. But how often do you see an over enthusiastic, photo frenzy and super high spirited groom? That’s Sameer for you. This wedding was unique in many ways […]

Spoorthi and Pavan – All smiles and some tears

Simple isn’t the word to describe this wedding but somewhat close. The beauty of smaller gatherings is how we as photographers get to capture emotions end to end. Smaller gatherings = Immediate circle = A plethora of emotions = Dramatic images. By no means this is any rule of thumb but a simple flow that […]

Vidhyashree and Raghuveer: A traditional wedding in traditional Bangalore

Traditional weddings aren’t rare at least in India but when it comes to detailed ones, it tends to be a rarity. As you would expect, it is always a photographer’s delight to have opportunities where these are interwound into one mega event resulting in ample opportunities. In this case, the wedding was not just detailed […]

Navya and Naveen – Love that lasts forever

Navya and Naveen seemed to have nothing similar apart from their first letter. They both grew up in different cultures, different places and with different backgrounds. Not that any of this could do them apart. Love after all fares and fares well. This was evident all over the wedding. The two families celebrated this wedding […]

Bhanupriya and Arjun – A couple with an inner smile

Almost always, we get to befriend the bride and groom in the first five minutes and their families within an additional ten if not sooner. We do insist an interaction way before the D Day for obvious reasons of familiarity and knowhow. But this couple were a little different. They engaged with us proactively and […]

Kushala and Amith: One day is all it took

First wedding is always special for any Photographer. Decade’s experience helped little considering the challenges in wedding photography being quite dissimilar to wildlife photography. What triggered jitters was not the performance anxiety, it was the very fact that all the ceremonies and rituals were going to be done in just this one day. In all […]

Sushma and Vinay: A simple wedding, an intimate affair

It took us just a minute or two before we got comfortable with each others. It was no longer us and them, Sushma and Vinay are so cool to work with. It is rather surprising how some weddings are maintained low key on the exterior while it is exuberant in the inside. Highlight of this […]