Divya and Suhas – Composure weds Simplicity

First interaction with Divya will tell you she is cool and composed, that person who knows what she wants and how much to talk. Sophisticated but not to be mistaken for complicated. Suhas on the other hand likes to keep everything simple and straight forward, which inevitably shows-up.

This was my first Mumbai wedding (read as wedding at Mumbai) and I was all jitters. But the families made us feel as their own. Oh yes, I forgot to mention – Divya is Vinod’s cousin, our close friend and partners at Pixel Reflections.

Humidity was beaten by their humility. The celebrations in the air unending, the wedding rituals were surprisingly well timed and the families interwound as one.

In all we had a gala time and were part of the wedding as much as we photographed it and beyond.

A little secret – Divya turned out to be one of those rare brides who didn’t like being photographed, leave alone the portraits.. hush hush..

Team: Time-lapse Studios & Pixel Reflections / Date: February 2019