Manu and Ashwija – Simple exuberance

When I first got a call to cover just the reception, I wasn’t sure what to expect. What about creative shots? I thought.

Their families had shared the precise timing of the bride and groom’s arrival which left us with ample time to plan our shots. Entering Elan convention centre, opened the doors clearing all my inhibitions. The decor was exquisite and gave us the “photographers” high.

I must admit, this was one of those rare events which satisfied our creativity hunger despite lasting for just couple of hours.

Now you can imagine, how much fun it would have been to cover all the events pertaining to this wedding. Team Pixel Reflections had this opportunity end to end, click their link below to experience a detailed blog on this.

Team: Time-lapse Studios and Pixel Reflections / Date: December 2019

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