Spoorthi and Pavan – All smiles and some tears

Simple isn’t the word to describe this wedding but somewhat close. The beauty of smaller gatherings is how we as photographers get to capture emotions end to end.

Smaller gatherings = Immediate circle = A plethora of emotions = Dramatic images. By no means this is any rule of thumb but a simple flow that led to opportunities that we capitalise upon.

Coming to the couple – You would be tricked by Spoorthi to be from high school and Pavan to be this serious hunk. But no, this wasn’t any child marriage nor was Pavan a rough man.

The day was filled with emotional outbursts. Personally, I do not recollect having welled-up as much as in this wedding and at the same time seen so many variations in emotion is such quick succession.

Marriages are made in heaven, goes the saying and we continue to believe in it more after experiencing such beautiful matches that truly are made for each other.

Team: Time-lapse Studios & Pixel Reflections / Date: August 2018