Parinitha and Sandeep – Burst of emotions, hues and colours

First event after a gear switch is tense, till that first media is recorded and reaffirmed by preview conforming the decision, the anxiety creeps in. Luckily for me, this event was outdoor and the summer sun came to my rescue.

Jaymahal palace is a must visit place for us historic art and monuments’ lovers and we were excited to learn the event will be held there.

We were welcomed by the bride’s family hospitality. When we met Parinitha, we were greeted with an open heart. We found her smile infectious and found it difficult to move the camera away till the end. The decor complimented her wedding dress and the stage was setup in open natural light, what more could we ask for.

A 16-35mm focal length is dangerous, it is addictive as it makes everything look out of the world. With struggle, I managed to resort to my portrait telephoto every now and then so that there would be some irresistible close-ups as well.

While we were just about to conclude – Parinitha’s never disappearing smile was unmatched, there came Sandeep’s composure. We continued to shoot and the happy couple enjoyed their day like no one was watching.

Scroll down and experience the moments like we did.

Team: Time-lapse Studios & Pixel Reflections / Date: March 2020

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