Priyanka and Nihaal – an intimate Gurudwara wedding

Our day started with visiting Nihaal at the hotel next door. It was where we had scheduled groom portraits, that was our first interaction with the humble man. Nihaal comes across straight faced but is actually very warm at heart. We had a fantastic first hour and returned to Gurudwara for the main event.

There came Priyanka, you see her and you know she is as friendly and warm one can get. She turned out to be pretty chilled out too and this added to the energy meter of the event.

This was our first event at a Gurudwara and we were extra cautious on the do’s and don’ts from photography standpoint. It was as comfy as it can get and we had a joyous next few hours covering the event end to end.

At the end we experienced the sumptuous meal served and my mouth is watering as I write this.

Love life. Live life. This is what the couple reverberated in their actions and their positive vibes were all over and contagious.

Team: Time-lapse Studios & Pixel Reflections. Date: November 2019