Ratika and Rohit – When Love is Arranged

Mischievous, soft hearted and adorable is Ratika for you. High energy yet composed, warm and a friend you will call in the middle of night even for soda is Rohit. And then as luck would have it, these two got arranged to fall in love.

This was a Mumbai wedding but outside Mumbai, Dombivli – Borivali – Dombivli. You know what I mean – It took us almost half a day each way and I stopped complaining about Bangalore traffic. But, all this stress vanished the minute we hit the venue on both days.

Rohit’s haldi was a high energy event and so was Ratika’s. And the wedding next day was at next level all together. It was like a clash of the two high energy titans and their families, as though competing who over shadows the other in terms of positive vibes and enthusiasm.

These three days were a treat to the eyes, adrenaline high to the heart and a pleasure for the memory (+cards). A wedding that will be remembered for time to come. Do check out a detailed blog by our friends at Pixel Reflections embedded below, you will love the read.

PS: @Rohit, your warm gesture of packing a box of baked rashgullas for my eight year old back home, in spite of how busy a groom would be on his wedding day, speaks volumes about you. We can’t thank you enough. I owe you one, two and much more.

Team: Time-lapse Studios & Pixel Reflections / Date: January 2020

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