Rohinee and Kashif – Love above all

When I first heard of this opportunity to cover an interfaith wedding, I went ecstatic. It meant more than a million weddings to me. I was jumping higher than normal only to be brought back to reality that we weren’t covering one fully yet.

Nevertheless, this will be one helluva experience, I thought and I was right.

This wedding was a low key affair, the couple wanted it that way I heard. Rohinee had an artist in her mannerism (I learned later that she is a singer) and Kashif was a heart winner, you spend 5 mins with him and he will make you laugh off a chair for sure.

In short, her smile and his sense of humour was unmatched and these two are made for each other for sure.

The venue was decorated at a different level altogether. The yellows and oranges weren’t just colours adding to the grandeur, they were here to light up the mood and our images.

It was soon after both families and intimate circle arriving, that the event took off.

Smiles, tears, joy and what not amidst hymns and sunshine. We thoroughly enjoyed every moment of this outdoor wedding as much as the families did, leave alone the bride and groom.

Team: Time-lapse Studios & Pixel Reflections / Date: December 2019

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