Safiya and Zeeshan – Cheerful outside, Warm inside

In many ways this was a BIG GRAND wedding for us.

To accommodate guests from all over, Safiya and Zeeshan’s families and friends had meticulously planned the events by the minute. We were given an elaborative list detailing the flow of events. This made it easy for us to plan and execute a wedding that we would treasure for time to come.

Safiya, Zeeshan and both of their parents had one thing in common – they smiled from their heart. It was such a pleasure working on this project that, at one point we forgot if it was an event we were covering or if we were also participating in it like other guests.

Starting with Shukran at the beautiful Safina banquet hall and ending with a grandeur Reception at Palace Grounds, these event days passed by before we realised. The decor was icing on the cake and we greedily filled our memory cards with frozen frames that would be cherished forever.

Like always, our friends at Pixel Reflections have done a brilliant job detailing this event, their blog on this (embedded below) is a must read.

Team: Time-lapse Studios & Pixel Reflections / Date: December 2019

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