Sneha and Sameer – A wedding where the groom took over

How often do you see an enthusiastic groom? Sooner or later, may be.. How often do you see an over enthusiastic groom? Rarely, but may not be never. But how often do you see an over enthusiastic, photo frenzy and super high spirited groom? That’s Sameer for you.

This wedding was unique in many ways (no pun intended), traditionally and emotionally. Rituals started in a subtle pace but continued steadily. Sneha and her family seemed like we knew them forever and everything else was going as expected till a thunder (it wouldn’t be a misnomer to call him that) named Sameer struck the convention hall.

Who will forget the day that passed by with scores of energy, loads of emotions and fun?And all of this coming from the groom, not his or bride’s cousins or friends!?

Sorry Sneha, Sameer was indeed the highlight of this wedding :).

Team: Time-lapse Studios & Pixel Reflections / Date: February 2019